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Michael E. Yeaman


I am a man of my time…Deep Time, that is.


I study and experience this Deep Time through the stone of our planet’s 4.5 billion year history.  Time and rock have been keen interests of mine since my college days at Stanford. There I obtained degrees in Geology and Geophysics and became aware that my interest in these subjects was more than merely scientific.

Most of my sculpted stone is over a hundred million years old and has fascinating geologic creation stories.  These stories are reflected in my finished sculptures' appearance, whether it is in multicolored igneous mineral reflections or in the traces of ancient life in fossiliferous sedimentary rock.

I enjoy sculpting stone dynamically, directly carving into my chosen blocks from a design in my imagination.  The stone’s geologic characteristics will often determine how my imagined design will come into being.  I adapt my design as I come to understand what this particular stone can offer.  Common elements of geologic intrigue, geometric form and primitive appreciation combine to produce my most compelling sculptures.

Please take a look at a posting by a fun local blogger Edee Kulper about my 2018 Orcas Island Artist Studio Tour.

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